Last Saturday my family and I ventured over 2 bridges to Kitsilano to visit our friends Laura and Darren. I popped into Capers on 4th to get some last minute ingredients and the lady in front of me was quickly grabbing a few groceries for the house when her total bill came to $582.36, wow!  How can we afford life anymore?

Any how, the menu for our night was Veal Scallopini and Tartufate Pasta.

Laura picked up the butcher pounded veal and I grabbed the ingredients for the pasta.  I'm going to share this recipe with you all because it was AMAZING!

Veal Scallopini:


Pounded veal

1 large Bocconcini

2 cups Panko

1 cup Flour

2 Egg 

Olive and vegetable oil


Wisk eggs into a bowl and set aside

Pour flour into a separate bowl and add salt and pepper

Pour panko into a 3rd bowl and set a side.

Toss, piece by piece: veal into the flour, then the egg wash, then toss it in the panko and set a side on baking a sheet.  Do this to every piece of Veal.

While the veal is sitting, heat in a large frying pan, 1 cup of oil (60% vegetable oil and 40% olive oil).  When the oil is heated, drop one piece of veal into the pan at a time.  2 minutes each side and remove back to the baking sheet.  Once all the veal has been fried, place a sliced piece of bocconcini on each veal and broil until the cheese has melted.

Season with salt and pepper and serve.