Here's dinner the other night:

Bone in pork chops from Windsor meats in Edgemont Village.  I tried for Veal chops but sold out!


Render a handful of chopped pancetta and remove the meat from the pan.

Pan sear the previously seasoned (salt and pepper) chops to the high heated pan and sear each side.

Transfer the pan to an oven at 400F and cook till your liking.  

Let the meat rest on a plate (minimum 10 minutes).

While resting, pan fry some shallots in the existing pan and add 250ml of chicken stock and reduce.  Before the stock has evaporated, add 250ml of heavy cream and a TBS of peppercorns.  Add the any remaining juices from the resting pork.  Reduce  until thick and add the previously seared pancetta.

Slice up your pork chops and smother in the peppercorn sauce.

Served with portabello, truffle linguini and fresh sautee'd asparagus.

Oh, and a nice bottle of Piane Delle Vigne 2005 Brunello to go along!