Okay, for those of you that have not tried this 'trendy' new cheese then you must do.  Burrata, has in fact been around since the 1900's but has recently become all the rage in the soft cheese category.  It's the buffalo mozzarella of cheeses.  Hmmmm, what cheese will be next???

Anyhow, a bit about Burrata by wikipedia: It is a fresh italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. It is usually served fresh, at room temperature. The name "burrata" means "buttered" in Italian.

History: Burrata is a typical product of the Murgie in Puglia, a region in the south of Italy. It is produced from cow's milk, rennet and cream. Burrata was probably first made around 1920 or possibly 1900 on the Bianchini farm in the city of Andria in Murgia, an area in the Apulia region. In the 1950s, it became more widely available after a few of the local cheese factories began producing it. It is generally believed that factories found it a way to utilize the ritagli ("scraps" or "rags") of mozzarella. Established as an Artisanal cheese, Burrata maintained its premium-product status even after it began to be made in a number of factories throughout Apulia.

Now this brings me to my experience.  A friend of mine dropped in the other day and gave me a huge chunk of Bresaola (air cured beef).  What a treat I must say.  That same day, another lovely friend of mine gave me two containers of Burrata.  Well, what to do?  I went over to my friend Jesse's house and as we were watching the kids as the wives went out on the town, I began to build our masterpeice.  Below is a presentation of Bresaola, fresh burrata from Bosa Foods and topped with fresh Arugula and dash of Truffle Oil.  Oh, and how can I forget, a couple of great bottles of Brunello.  Man, life is GOOD!