Okay, here's a fall pasta that is to die for:


Truffle oil

Truffle salt

Pappardelle or linguini

Heavy cream

Dried mushrooms

Fresh Portobello or Chanterelle's

Fresh sage and Thyme



Boil water for the pasta

Boil 500ml of water and soak 1 1/2Cups of dried mixed mushrooms.  (let sit for 20-30min)

Strain mushrooms from the water and save the stock and discard the soaked mushrooms.

Sautee 2 finely diced shallots in a pan.  Once soft, add the mushroom stock and 250ml of heavy cream and reduce until half. 25-30 minutes or so.  This is the base to your sauce!

Once reduced, sautee 2 cups of diced fresh mushrooms (either portobello or Chanterelle or both) along with another diced shallot.  Sautee until soft.  Pour in the reduced sauce and stir in 25ml of truffle oil, stir and let simmer.

While the sauce is blending it's flavours, throw your pasta into the pot and cook until al dente.  Strain from the water and toss the pasta into the sauce and mix.  Season with truffle salt.

Garnish with thin slices of parmesan and finely chopped flat leaf parsley.


Enjoy with some italian grape juice ;-)  Perhaps a brunello!