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Valentines day Dinner

4:55pm Well, what to cook on Valentines day for my special someone?  As you know, I cook every night so I thought i'd change it up.  My uncle Pete who lives in Dawson Creek is a bit of an 'outdoors' man if you will.  Late last year he shipped me down a large package of meat....yes, meat!  In it was some excellent cuts of beef from his friends 'sustainable' farm.  Along with the beef cuts were some small packages of Elk!  So, here goes, Elk strip loins for dinner.  I've thrown a bit of a marinade together consisting of port, thyme, rosemary, sun-dried blueberries and cherries.  I'll throw them on the Charcoal webber tonight and let you know how they were.  Oh, and we're going to try some Hulled buckwheat as an accompaniment.


Okay, IT WORKED!  Terrific, Elk strip loins cooked on the webber charcoal and done 'chicago' medium rare. Hulled buckwheat done in home made chicken stock and finished with grated parmesan.  

 Thanks Pete and Helen

Happy valentines day.